spritzgiesswerkzeugeInjection moulds

In our core business area of injection moulds, we make plastic products for everything from automotive components to heating system accessories. We are your trusted partner throughout the entire design and development phase for prototype and series moulds. Our services cover the entire value creation chain; from technical advice, conception and design, to 3D prototype construction and the prototype mould for producing the first components in original material right through to the integrated series mould with optimal cooling and temperature control. This expertise is complemented by the option of additive manufacturing, which helps us to create your products with even more precision and efficiency.

We use an extremely wide range of manufacturing methods to produce prototypes and small-scale series based on customer requirements. Our methods range from conventional prototype mould construction to vacuum-casting and RIM methods, as well as all standard additive manufacturing methods. Every day counts when it comes to the production of prototypes.


We guarantee:

  • Quick prototype production from individual component to assembly (ASSY)
  • Use of state-of-the-art CAD systems including 3D visualisation
  • Measurement of components on 3D measuring machines
  • Comprehensive analysis options for mould filling, distortion, cooling times, etc.
  • Maximum flexibility and reliability
  • Discretion and data security for your developments

Conventional prototype moulds


We develop solutions for challenging tasks, and provide you with comprehensive advice during the entire design and development phase. With state-of-the-art CAD systems, we are right on hand to assist you with 2D and 3D visualisations of the project, from the very first draft right through to series readiness. We work with you to create components that meet your requirements with extremely short delivery times.

As a system partner, we offer:

  • Manufacturing, close-to-production components in original material or even entire assemblies made of different materials, including installation and measuring
  • Comprehensive analysis options for mould filling, distortion, cooling times, etc.

Vacuum casting

Vacuum casting

The vacuum-casting method is a quick and cost-effective way of producing initial components using flexible silicone moulds. Unlike printed injection moulds, it is not possible to use original material; only comparable materials can be used.

We are your trusted partner for premium-quality series injection moulds that provide optimal value for money. This is possible thanks to our collaboration with partners in Germany, Spain and China.


With our support, you can make the most of the benefits of global sourcing. We are on hand to assist you throughout the entire production process based on our experience in series production and our enesty temperature control system 4.0®.
Our shared goal is to optimise your production.

Series moulds from Germany

serienwerkzeuge aus deutschland

Our product range covers the development, production, servicing and maintenance of tools and moulds for the machining and processing of plastics (Duroplast and Thermoplast) and components in the area of plastics and metal processing.

We work in close collaboration with powerful, renowned partners from the region. This allows us to respond to your requirements and implement processes quickly and flexibly.

Our range of services includes:

  • Mould conception and design
  • Production and final assembly
  • Mould trialling capacities up to 1300 t clamping force
  • Maintenance, repair and modification work

Technical equipment:

  • CAD design
  • CNC/HSC milling
  • Wire-cutting and die-sink EDM
  • Start-hole EDM
  • Measurement in our in-house measuring centre
  • CNC turning

Series moulds from Spain

serienwerkzeuge aus spanien

Our partner is HISPAMOLDES s.a. As an exclusive representative, we provide services relating to the design, production, maintenance and servicing of injection moulds with a total weight of up to 50 t. Our specialist engineers oversee projects on site at your premises in either German or English.

Moulds for:

  • Front ends
  • Bumpers
  • A/B/C pillars
  • Installation supports
  • Dashboards
  • Components that can be produced using 1-component, 2-component and 3-component methods

Quality assurance:

  • Eleven 3-axis CNC machining centres
  • One 6-axis CNC deep drilling machine
  • Five conventional drilling machines
  • Two lathes
  • Three grinding machines
  • Two wire-cutting EDM machines
  • Five die-sink EDM machines
  • Three spotting presses

Series moulds from China

serienwerkzeuge aus china

We specialise in the import of high-quality injection moulds from China, and our German- and English-speaking project management team is on hand to support you in your project from the initial enquiry right through to the delivery of the mould. Our portfolio includes prototype moulds with an output quantity of up to 20,000 cycles in non-cured mould design, as well as small-batch series moulds with 25,000 cycles and more with cured series moulds. We can of course carry out mould trials on your parts with clamping forces of 30 t to 3200 t. All moulds are produced in line with your specifications and are fitted with the required mould systems.

Mould maintenance, as well as warranty and change management, are performed by leading German or European companies.

Benefits of global sourcing:

  • Taking advantage of differences in economies, growth and currency
  • Reducing dependencies
  • Benefiting from the specialisations of individual regions and providers

Your contact for injection moulds

Paul Plankmeister

Paul Plankmeister

Injection Moulds,
quotes for moulds/prototypes

+49 (0) 1522 4593612

temperierung ORCA temperature control system

The ever-increasing demands of modern moulding shops with regard to process control, process data collection and the linking of injection-moulding machine, mould and temperature control system can be easily overcome with our proprietary development ORCA. The temperature control system is a maintenance-free system that allows for the contact-free measuring of the temperature control media, whether water or oil. Numerous customers have already been won over by the additional benefits offered by the system, such as its high level of process reliability, simple operation, optimal volume flow and easy integration into the injection-moulding machine. The temperature control systems are the most advanced of their kind, and have proven themselves at well-known vehicle manufacturers and leading plastics processing firms.

The performance of our temperature control devices has been specifically adapted to Orca distribution.

orca temperiergerät

The devices work with water, and can supply or dissipate heat during the process. As the “powerful engine” of our system, the devices ensure an accurate temperature and maximum flow to the distributors. In addition to the standard versions, we also have temperature control devices that are optimally designed for any conceivable production process from 10°C to 350°C.

Orca 120 is our maintenance-free system for temperatures up to 120°C.

orca 120

Dual-ultrasound sensor technology is used to measure the flow of the temperature control medium in order to guarantee optimal temperature control. The sensor and the control unit also indicate any flow volumes that are outside of the desired limit values. An installed alarm interface to the machine interrupts the process as necessary.

The sensors are connected to the control unit via IO-Link. The system can be integrated into the machine controller, including full integration via OPC UA. As with all of our temperature control devices, the devices are equipped with an intuitive touch display.

Orca 160 was developed for systems with temperatures up to 160°C.

orca 160

This means that sufficient temperature control fluid can be supplied through the temperature control circuit even at high temperatures. Flow measurement is performed mechanically. In addition to its 18 kW heating power, the Orca 160 is also notable for its 140 l/min Grundfos pump.

With Orca Plus, the flow volume can be regulated for each individual control circuit.

orca plus

A proportional valve in the supply line controls the flow volume, thereby guaranteeing optimal temperature control. The flow volume is measured using maintenance-free sensor technology.

Orca MoldControl was originally developed to monitor injection moulds with regard to their correct and operational status.

Orca MoldControl was originally developed to monitor injection moulds with regard to their correct and operational status.

This could mean either the correct positioning of inserts or the presence of foreign bodies inside the cavity.

The measurement method that is used here explicitly extracts three different features from image contents, and compares each one separately in a higher-dimensional space. This involves calculating features to describe the form, structure and optical characteristics.

The first stage involves using these features for the online training of a one-class classifier, which also allows for the training of varying setpoint statuses. A second training stage offers the option of training a binary network classifier through the presentation of negative examples. This ultimately makes it possible to reliably detect even the slightest differences.

The separation of the features means that their influence on the overall result is infinitely variable, making it possible to achieve invariance to certain perturbations.

As a result, Orca MoldControl is an easy-to-integrate system for the automatic monitoring of production sequences. The continual further development of the system means that it is also becoming increasingly suitable for fully automatic quality assurance.

Orca Factory offers optimal temperature control for manufacturing processes in fully automatic production sequences.


The linking of all parameters means that the Orca’s maintenance-free measurement and control system can also be implemented in the fully automatic intelligent factory as part of the transition to Industry 4.0. With sensor technology, cooling circuit regulation and fully automatic process monitoring with camera systems, Orca Factory offers optimal temperature control for manufacturing processes in fully automatic production sequences.

Your contact for ORCA temperature control

Michael Süß

Michael Süß

product manager of orca

+49 (0) 173 6214498

Additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing techniques offer virtually unlimited design freedom. These techniques really show off their full potential in the design and realisation of customised and sophisticated components. Monetising this freedom requires both an application-specific understanding of the components and an excellent level of process knowledge and understanding. enesty additiv offers this expertise based on its many years of experience in R&D projects and case studies.


NEU ab 1. November 2020

Individuelle Bauteile in 3D. Mit dem 3D-Druckservice von enesty additiv Prototypen, Kleinserien oder Ersatzteilen für Industrie und Handwerk professionell erstellen.


We support you along the entire process chain – from training and advice through to design support and ultimately to implementation in the production process.


We offer:

  • Seminars and training sessions
  • Design support and review
  • New design or re-design of existing components
  • Function optimisation
  • Evaluation of potential of components/assemblies
  • Cost estimate
  • Component digitalisation
  • Support with production preparation and implementation

We produce components made from various materials using all standard additive manufacturing methods. Additive manufacturing is a profitable alternative particularly in the case of components with small batch sizes, a high level of complexity or quick delivery times.


Examples of standard methods:

  • Plastic: PJ, SLA, SLS, MJF, FDM – acrylic resin, PA-GF, PA12, PC, ABS, etc.
  • Metal: SLM, EBM – Al & Ti alloys, stainless & tool steels, etc.

We are open to requests for additional materials and methods and for research projects, which, in the event of their application, we will professionally review to enable a suitable implementation.

With our range of services, we will find the optimal technology to bring your components into reality.

We recommend using the 3D printing method for production.


For the production of small-scale series in original material or series with very short cycle times, we recommend using the 3D printing method for production. This can achieve cost reductions and time savings of 50–80% in small-scale series production with prototype moulds.

DigiToolAM – digital unterstützte Technologieauswahl im 3D-Druck

Screenshot vom Entscheidungstool DigiToolAM

Anwender additiver Fertigung müssen bei der Wahl der für ihren Fall passenden Technologie zahlreiche Kriterien bezüglich Verfahren, Material und Gesamtprozess bewerten, um die richtige Entscheidung zu treffen. Mit dem DigiToolAM bietet enesty ein Werkzeug an, das die Technologiefindung deutlich vereinfacht. Die datenbankbasierte Lösung ist sowohl mit AM-spezifischem Wissen und Technologiekriterien als auch Kundenanforderungen „gefüttert“ und matcht mittels Suchalgorithmen zwischen Bedarf und passender Technologie. Der Beratungsprozess kann mit dem digitalen Werkzeug wesentlich verkürzt werden. Der Austausch nicht relevanter Informationen wird gespart. Dieses Vorgehen reduziert außerdem die Kosten für die Technologiefindung.

Your contact for additive manufacturing

Michael Süß

Michael Süß

Head of Department for Additive Manufacturing/enesty additiv

+49 (0) 173 6214498

Beluga Filtersystemebeluga filter systems

Dirty filters are among the most frequent sources of error leading to process problems. The beluga system monitors filter systems and proactively signals critical statuses based on the traffic light principle. The system is based on multi-stage electronic differential pressure monitoring, and can be easily integrated into operating data collection systems. It can be retrofitted in existing filters or supplied in almost all standard sizes and filter grades with the beluga full-flow filters.

Logo beluga Filtersysteme

Your contact for beluga filter systems

Jonathan Franke

Jonathan Franke

Commercial Director

+49 (0) 34328 607090

conesty moulds

Temperature control channels positioned close to the active surface make a substantial contribution to the production of high-quality components with efficient cycle times. CONTURA MTC specialises in the simulation-assisted design of these types of temperature control systems and in the production of conformally cooled mould inserts.

Up to now, the positive influence of these inserts on component quality and process times was often countered by the additional processing effort required during the mould-making stage. enesty solves this paradox by combining the unique capabilities of CONTURA inserts directly in the design of injection moulds to create conesty moulds. The possibilities of conformally cooled inserts are taken into account right from the very start in collaboration with CONTURA during the offer process. This makes it possible to present the added value of conformal temperature control as a customer benefit from an early stage. In addition to significantly improving the quality of the components, this also helps to achieve an average cycle time reduction of 25 to 30 per cent for technical components.

Logo conesty

Your contact for conesty moulds

Jonathan Franke

Jonathan Franke

Commercial Director

+49 (0) 34328 607090

Technology with responsibility

We’re your trusted partner for tailor-made solutions in the areas of injection moulds, temperature control and additive manufacturing.