serienwerkzeuge aus china

Series moulds from China

We specialise in the import of high-quality injection moulds from China, and our German- and English-speaking project management team is on hand to support you in your project from the initial enquiry right through to the delivery of the mould. Our portfolio includes prototype moulds with an output quantity of up to 20,000 cycles in non-cured mould design, as well as small-batch series moulds with 25,000 cycles and more with cured series moulds. We can of course carry out mould trials on your parts with clamping forces of 30 t to 3200 t. All moulds are produced in line with your specifications and are fitted with the required mould systems.

Mould maintenance, as well as warranty and change management, are performed by leading German or European companies.

Benefits of global sourcing:

  • Taking advantage of differences in economies, growth and currency
  • Reducing dependencies
  • Benefiting from the specialisations of individual regions and providers