13. March 2020

orca temperature control system

Temperature control system 4.0® comprises various new technologies designed to meet all of our customers’ requirements when it comes to the temperature control of their moulds and machinery. We are continually striving to further develop our products in order to remain at the cutting edge of research.

When it comes to the development of the Orca temperature control system 4.0®, our focus is on the optimisation of energy flows, which involves taking into account not just the temperature control medium but also the compressed air. The aim of the Orca temperature control system 4.0® is to enable the monitoring of all media required for a stable injection-moulding process.

Our areas of research also include the development of our sensor technology, which would allow the Orca systems to be used for even higher temperatures. Quality assurance during the production process is optimised thanks to the Orca Mold Control system. With Orca Factory our tried-and-tested products are linked up with state-of-the-art technologies, meaning that all of the relevant parameters can be reliably integrated for a fault-free production process.

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